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Ignite Marketing Group is not your typical workplace...


Ignite Marketing Group is a premier marketing firm that continues to expand nationwide, offering marketing consulting services to Fortune 500 clientele. Our goal is to continue to grow 50% in size with every consecutive year. We attribute this tremendous growth to two ideals. The first is our innovative marketing and sales strategies. The second is our underlying value of caring for the security, growth, and well being of our employees.

Our clients are looking for an edge in marketing, advertising, and sales. They must outshine their competitors in each of these categories. Our client acquisition team offers an extremely effective approach to marketing and client relationship management. In our experience, the most effective way to market ones services is through a live, personal presentation. On behalf of our clients, we personally introduce ourselves to their customers in order to establish long-lasting relationships between them. The power of a live representative is unparalleled. Our approach enables us to educate the customer about changes in the industry, sell our client's services, answer questions, and personally thank them for their business.

Ignite Marketing Group's personal technique has enabled us to generate huge success for our clients. Our professionals have the ability to build trust and establish value on behalf of our clients by utilizing the most effective form of direct marketing: face-to-face. Our representatives are trained to interact with customers in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner while responding to their questions or concerns. The clients we work with have found it to be the best possible way to acquire and retain their business customers.